Driton Islami, Ferizaj
Ismet Ramadani, Ferizaj
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5 Cent bonus kartela

Retail, FITORJA Company every day provides high quality derivatives and services to hundreds of thousands of customers throughout our sales chain.

The company "FITORJA" brings quality derivatives which you can find in two points of sale, as well as in our wholesale warehouse.

The company "FITORJA" did retail and wholesale sale of Diesel, Euro Diesel, Benizne Euro Super 95 as well as Plin (Gas).

Our gas stations also own our own supermarkets and are designed to meet our customers' expectations for fast service, quality products and a friendly atmosphere.

A smile speaks louder than any words! We care about our customers and their shopping experience at FITORJA company. We always try to improve our offers to serve our customers in the best way.