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brako wire products

In cooperation with the Macedonian company "BRAKO", our company, as an authorized distributor, distributes a large number of high-quality metal products. Some of the products worth highlighting are:

Burnt Wire

It is made from raw material with chemical composition according to 16120-2 in diameters according to according to EN10218-2 standard with tensile strength Rm <390 N / mm2 and greater elongation than 25%. It is used in the construction industry, textile industry, household, agriculture etc.

Galvanized wire

We manufacture D grade (application of zinc 30-60 gr/m2) and Class A galvanized wire (application 180-275 gr / m2). Galvanized wire is produced according to Standard EN 10244-2 from the raw material - low carbon hot rolled wire Cmax = 0.01% (EN 16120-2). The size of zinc coating is 30-250 g / m2. The break strength is Rm = 390 - 490 N / mm2, and the relative elongation is Δ = 16 - 22%. Used to make universal wire mesh, barbed wire etc. It is widely used in agriculture for growth vineyards, raspberries, orchards and others needs.


Barbed wire is made according to Standard EN10223-1 and is used for placing fences and other obstacles. Produced with 4 studs, with distance between them of 100 mm ± 10 mm. There are two ways to block the wire: Conventional and reverse twist. Barbed wire material is made of galvanized wire made according to Standard EN 10244-2. Standard packaging is in reels of 7 kg and 12 kg, on pallets between 300 - 600 kg wrapped in stretch nylon sheet.


It is made according to the EN 10223-6 standard, standard and galvanized wire is used as raw material made according to standard EN 10244-2. Universal wire mesh is used as material for fences, road protection from the ground and rock slides, cages, etc. Shipped as sized spools height H=1000-2500 mm, and length L = 15 – 25 m.


Construction nails are produced according to EN-10230-1 standard. According to this standard they are produced with smooth and flat body or curved head.
1. The nails are packed in cardboard boxes, packed in a pallet of 1.000 kg. Each box is protected with thermo-foil, while the pallet is rounded with extension metal sheet.
2. When packed in 25 kg cartons, they are palletized on a pallet of 1200 kg, rounded with stretch sheets.
3. The third type of packaging is large (jumbo) 1000 kg bag, placed on a pallet.
4. According to the customer's order, nails can also be packed in cardboard boxes of 1 kg palletized on a 500 kg pallet, as as well as in boxes 2.5 kg palletized in pallet of 1.000 kg. Each box is protected with thermofoil, while the palette is rounded with extension sheets.